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Often clients do not know the difference between mesotherapy and biorevitalization, so they perceive it equally and think that it is performed in the same manner. In this article, we briefly look at which of these treatments are best for different skin types than the two injection techniques.

Biorevitalization for skin regeneration

Biorevitalization is a procedure in cosmetology that aims at repairing damaged skin tissues. The main task of therapy — filling the skin with hyaluronic acid, which stimulates the body to produce natural collagen and active metabolism under the skin, which promotes its rejuvenation. For this purpose, the skin is injected with purified hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, which is synthesized from bacteriological strains of streptococcus and is completely organic to the human body and does not cause adverse reactions. This method of skin rejuvenation, is considered easier than other cosmetic procedures, but no less effective. Biorevitalization is recommended after 25–30 years, when the amount of native hyaluronic acid begins to decline significantly, and the skin loses its moisture intensively. This leads to loss of tone and elasticity, increased dryness and tendency to inflammation on the skin. Even after the first biorevitalization procedure, you can see the result, but for the perfect effect you need to undergo a course of treatment.

Mesotherapy — rejuvenation of tired skin tissues

The main purpose of the technique is to enrich the skin with nutrients and nutrients. Thanks to the injection, this process is deeper and more intense than creams and masks. Depending on the tasks of correction, the doctor selects the ready-made solution or makes it individually, taking into account the peculiarities of the patient’s body. Such components may be:

1. hyaluronic acid,

2. vitamin-mineral complexes,

3. amino acids, antioxidants,

4. peptides,

5. squeezes from plants.

The procedure is performed with very fine needles and has a delicate effect. The technique has a long-lasting effect after the first injection session and allows to solve a whole range of skin problems aimed at improving its general condition, normalizing microcirculation in cells and intercellular space, increasing tissue elasticity and eliminating various aesthetic defects. The skin’s youth and freshness persists for up to 10 months and can be maintained by repeated injection sessions.

What to choose — mesotherapy or beorevitalization?

There is no single answer, because these two treatments are really good for skin renewal and rejuvenation. Injections for biorevitalization contain only hyaluronic acid, which is necessary, first of all, to moisturize and repair damaged tissues. Mesotherapy cocktails are a whole complex of biologically active components that have a complex effect on the tissues and are capable of solving several aesthetic problems at once.

Patients under 25 will be offered mesotherapy, which is particularly relevant in addressing the cosmetic problems associated with acne and scarring, and biorevitalization will be the best option for patients over 30 years of age. Mesotherapy will also help where there are specific problems such as dark circles and eye bags, cellulite, hair loss, scars and more. Both procedures are different injection techniques, this should always take into account the competent cosmetologist. Mesotherapy involves both surface administration of the preparations to a depth of up to 2 mm and deep punctures. Biorevitalization is performed in the superficial layers of the dermis. Considering these differences, the patient should choose the right method independently.

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