Biotropin® Performance 120IU Growth Hormone (Box of 10 vials)


Lifetech-Labs is using the most refined technology in order to obtain the highest quality and purity human growth hormone.

  • Composition : Box of 10 vials (12 IU/vial)
  • Dilution : 2mL of sterile water
  • Frequency :
    1 injection of 4 IU per day (before breakfast) or
    2 injections of 2 IU per day (before breakfast and afternoon time)
  • Dose per vial :
    3 x 4 IU (1 vial for 3 days) or
    6 x 2 IU (1 vial for 3 days)
  • Dose per injection :
    4 IU=0.66mL (66 units on the insulin syringe) or
    2 IU=0.33mL (33 units on the insulin syringe)
  • Therapy cycle : 3 to 6 months (1 box for 1 month)

Growth hormone (GH or HGH), also known as somatropin, is a peptide hormone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction and regeneration in humans.

Growth hormone is a 191-amino acid, single-chain polypeptide that is produced by somatotropic cells of the anterior pituitary gland.

Somatotropin acts by stimulating the release of another hormone called somatomedin by the liver stimulating growth of body cells.

GH is a stress hormone that raises the concentration of glucose and free fatty acids. It also stimulates production of IGF-1.

Biotropin® Human Growth Hormone Benefits

According to users and dosage, Biotropin® by Lifetech Labs provides some of the main following health and esthetic benefits:

  • Smoother skin (first noticeable on the back of the hand and later on the body)
  • Faster hair and nail growth
  • Higher energy levels
  • Faster energy recovery after physical activity
  • Body fat loss
  • Muscle growth

The amount of muscle gained by using Biotropin® depends on many factors including physical activity, genetics, diet, age, quality and quantity of sleep, lifestyle, and previous usage of steroids or hGH.

It may take a few weeks before you see results from your Biotropin® therapy. You may not notice the changes at first as results comes progressively. If you take Biotropin® every day, you will improve the likelihood of positive results. Results may possibly vary according to individuals.